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Eva is a motorcycle enthusiast and believes that there is nothing more liberating and empowering than hitting the road on one of her classic Hondas. She has ridden throughout the US with the wind in her hair (under her helmet, of course) and her eyes on the horizon. She loves to share the lane with friends. Get in touch if you’ve got a cool ride coming up; she’ll probably cruise right on out to meet you. Tune into her blog for her upcoming adventures on the open road.


Motorcycles. Adventure. Community.

Not just tiny. We ride motorcycles of all sizes. It’s a little different, but here’s where we’re coming from.

Anyone can ride 400 miles on a big bike in a day. That same distance on a tiny motorcycle is an adventure and an accomplishment. When you can combine an adventure with a good cause, even better! We are passionate about women’s empowerment, healthcare and clean water. Being able to address these problems while doing something we love is our ultimate goal.

We come up with wild schemes, link them to a good cause, and make them happen. 400 miles across Arizona to raise money for clean water? 1000 miles around the desert southwest to teach kids to dirt ride safely? Two months on the Pan-American Highway on 125cc motorcycles? Yes, please!


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Eva Rupert

Eva Rupert


Eva is a motorcycle maniac and passionate entrepreneur.  A card-carrying optimist and primitive survival expert, she can keep a group of 10 people alive for a week with only a machete and a trash bag. When she’s not busy starting non-profit organizations, she’s most often found dominating staring contests and climbing unusual rock formations across the country.  Eva is thrilled to be lowering her typical engine-displacement standards and making the world a better place with the tiny bikes project.

Josh Remer

Josh Remer


Josh started riding motorcycles at a young age. His first motorcycle was a 1966 Yamaha 175 Enduro and he would stay up late at night reading “The Woods Rider” by Robin Perry under the covers with a flashlight.  Josh has spent the last few years working with non-profit organizations and is passionate about the role of non-profit organizations in the world. He is the proud owner of the “tiny bike”  that started it all, a 1972 Honda CB100.

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