kentucky, that is.
an impromptu-as-always visit with alyssa (homegirleternal) and jeff (hubbyextraordinaire) and rowan (babydeluxe).  when traveling, i always try to give alyssa as much advance notice as possible. this usually means something in the three hour range, e.g. ‘so, alyssa, i just happen to be standing in line for the ferry…’ or ‘listen, alyssa, i’m just driving out of chicago thinking about swinging through madison…’ and the response is never short of the warmest welcome.
i love these visits. always a bit fly-by-night and a true testimony to friendship.
see, you’re 10 years old, rolling a boulder up a hill for no particular reason. you’re ditching high school history classes because you simply must work on the film.  you share your stories over diner coffee (hazy neon & jukebox) and prod the tidepools by the long draw of the sound.  then it’s the day before thanksgiving and the two of you, with feet propped up on the kitchen table, are sipping bourbon barrel stout, cackling about gourds and butcher knives and babyspew.  you think to yourself ‘this is exactly how life otta be’ and that’s exactly how it is. 
thanks for all the lovelies, alyssa! let you know the next time i’m coming through town…

nothing endures but change.
ulysses in livingroom window.
rowan. baby.
dogs, etc.
toothless and beaming.  brilliant.