what I’m getting at is that I usually only do this sort of thing when I’m traveling.  because I put more value on my life when I’m in transit rather than living in one place.  when you wake up to a different skyline every couple days, the words flow like wine (easy, intoxicating, leggy).  here i am in flagstaff, just past my first anniversary of living in the same town, and it has been one year, three months, and countless days since i’ve published anything even vaguely blog-related.  now, don’t go thinking that i haven’t had every good intention.  somehow, it’s just been a case of stationary.  stay-put.  here and still here.  and without a hint of regret or disdain, in these third-decade years, i find myself quite improved at being in one place and getting all immersed.  clarification on stationary: this does not mean static or unchanging.  it simply means not gathering my roots about me, loading the dogs, and leaving every other month when i get that hint of an itch.  i’m certainly not saying that it has been easy.  and, in claiming that i’m good at staying in one place, there’s the serious risk of hypocrisy and putting the ol’ foot in the mouth (right? does not a day go by without dreaming of dipping toes in some distant ocean?).  sometimes you just lean on the fight; you find momentum within city limits; you feel oddly content in a place you call home.  sometimes, whether you want to admit it or not, this actually is the next great adventure and, even though it might not seem so dramatic, daring, or photogenic, it’s good for you.