though i don’t always admit it in public, i have a special place in my heart for you. i truly admire your self esteem. if you were england, i would call you brazen, bawdy. believe me, i’ve seen your wildflowers in the springtime and i like a good tumbleweed as much as the next girl. but you, what with those skies, gosh-darn grand and stretching so-very-ever-on, you got something special, kid. and i have the absolute pleasure of driving through. got the truck windows wide open and i’m soaking up as much of your endless expanse as possible and i’m howling ‘hey cow!’ at the biggest stock-yards i’ve ever seen and i’m head out the window, hold on to your hat, waving at trains a thousand cars long. lone star. love it. well, until next time, thanks for the lift.

bnsf & rearview.
idols du jour: amelia earhart, sarah connor.