I’m not exactly sure what I’m trying to write about, so here’s a bit of random thought… I’ve been just so crazy and so caught up in all the doings of life lately that I’ve been missing the ease and peace that comes with simply being. In all my discussions and interactions with the news and media in the last couple weeks (& in anticipation of all that is coming in the next week…) I’ve been finding myself reflecting on how, when you’re out there, in the wilderness, surviving with nothing, everything makes sense. Life is hard, yet decidedly simple. The next best step is far more obvious when you’re walking along a sandstone footpath than when navigating the freeway at rush hour… This weekend is a truly unique experience… Flying to Los Angeles (which is always mildly amusing because it takes me only an hour longer to drive- once you factor in all the jolting transitions of air travel) and to be on television (me? Miss Eva-hasn’t-had-TV-since-the-90s! Really?!)… And, through this first leg of travel, I am taking complete comfort in the disconnected cell service and wonderful anonymity of the airplane. There has been this wild flurry of social media and this layer of added stress that has me spinning into flight mode, daydreaming of open roads. I’m not quite sure what’s with my grass-is-greener mentality (or my gratuitous use of dashes today) but to be comfortably in motion and surrounded by strangers is giving me that same sense of simplicity. And that’s that, really… I can keep it tidy by saying thank you. Thanks to all those who have been supporting me these last few crazy months. Thanks to all those who have been putting up with my distanced conversations and slow-to-return texts. It warms the very core of my heart to know that so many friends and family will be watching me on Sunday night. From the comfort of our climate-controlled lives we’ll be watching Naked and Afraid, seeing a version of me constructed by television to be as dramatic as possible (she who prides herself on stoicism in times of challenge). And, though life may be challenging and wild and confusing at times, sometimes you have the luxury of being stripped to your most essential self, whether it be in some foreign desert or in seat 7D. And you touch down with a bit more peace than when you took off.